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Jeremy Bumbleberry!

2008-10-21 01:08:19 by PicklemanStan

Finally got around to making a new flash movie! Go on, go check it out!

Happy times

2008-06-13 11:18:01 by PicklemanStan

Thanks for all the telling me I don't suck that's going on right now. Really appreciate it. Made a header this morning, I'm thinking every time I make a new movie, (Even if I haven't posted it) I'm just gonna stick characters in there. Anyway just saying I'm very happy with my Claymation's reception, here's hoping my flash goes over as well when I get it finished...

Don't forget to read Brain for Rent!

What's up with this guy?

2008-06-01 11:57:56 by PicklemanStan

So, my first real flash movie should be done very soon. I've been animating for years, but never done anything longer than about 10 seconds in flash, it's fairly new to me. I first started Animating when I was about 9 years old when I took the same animation class 8 times. Yes, exactly the same class. I have now recently been hired to teach that class. Funny how that works out sometimes. I have a webcomic, it's what this first movie is gonna be based on, but with more... plot... Check it out if you want, sometimes it sucks and for that I apologize, but many people I've showed it to have been pleasantly surprised to find it gave them a chuckle or two. I actually use flash to make it. The program's not really all that new to me, I just never use it to animate for some reason...